Home Energy Assessment Preparation


What You Need to Do Prior to Our Arrival

  • Stop all wood burning in fireplaces a minimum of 24 hours before our arrival.
  • Secure all pets as our auditor will require access to all areas of the home to ensure a thorough assessment.
  • Remove all ashes and clean the fireplace to ensure ashes do not become airborne during the blower door test.
  • Close the damper above the fireplace.
  • Compile 12 months of electric and natural gas utility bills.
  • Ensure the attic and every room of the home is easily accessible.
  • Secure all exterior doors and windows in a closed / latched position.
  • Open curtains, shutters and mini blinds to all windows.

During The Energy Assessment

  • We will begin our visit with a tour of the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Interview you to identify concerns and issues about the home's current performance - hot or cold rooms, drafts, humid areas, excessive energy use, etc.
  • Execute specific diagnostic tests depending on the selected home performance assessment package you purchased.
  • Gather specifications on all current indoor lighting for our lighting efficiency evaluation.
  • Collect 12 months of electric and natural gas utility bills to create a baseline energy estimate.
  • Inspect current attic insulation levels and quality of current attic air sealing.
  • Conduct combustible appliance safety tests on stove, oven, water heater and furnace.
  • Gather information on all home appliances for our appliance energy efficiency evaluation.


  • An invoice will be presented to the homeowner upon our arrival to your home.
  • We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and checks as payment for services.
  • Payment in full is required before our technician begins work.

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