HERS Rater Policies

HERS Raters - "Third Party Inspectors"

TrulyGreen Energy Systems LLC, DBA "TrulyGreen Homes" is certified by CalCerts, Inc. as a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) alterations Rater in compliance with Title 20 and Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations. Our testing is completely objective and non-biased. We have no involvement financially with the construction project nor the improvements made. We strictly comply with 2016 Title 24, Part 6, standards and procedures for HERS Field Verification (FV) and HERS Diagnostic Testing (DT).

As third party inspectors, we do not fix, alter, or enhance any project that passes or fails HERS testing.

Third party inspectors are by definition independent of both the party whose work they are inspecting as well as the property owner for which they are performing the inspection.

Payment Policy

The full payment is due and payable upon completion of the HERS Rating Verification whether the system passes or fails.

We accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.

Failure of HERS Rating Test

Payment is not contingent upon passing or failing results, but upon completion of the HERS rating and site verification work.

Occasionally projects do not pass Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations. When a HERS testing failure occurs, we are obligated to report this failure to CalCerts, Inc., California Energy Commission's HERS Provider.

If a project fails to pass Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations our HERS rater will extend a sixty minute grace period to allow the contractor, homeowner or builder the opportunity to make corrections to the project and re-test in an effort to obtain a passing result for the project.

Projects that fail to pass must be re-scheduled & re-tested when corrections are completed. The cost for a re-test will be based on 50% of the individual test prices listed under "Individual Compliance Verification Test" on our HERS HVAC Compliance Verification Packages page.

Our HERS Raters are available to support the correction process with diagnostic testing at an hourly rate (duct blaster, flow meter, fog machine, IR camera, watt draw meter, etc). Please call to schedule HERS Rater support for a minimum of 2 hours at the rate of $200 for the first two hours and $75 per each additional 30 minutes.


HERS Certificate Processing

Upon completion of your project's HERS testing, the data collected will be submitted and processed electronically with CalCerts Inc. When the forms have been electronically signed by the homeowner, installer and HERS Rater, PDF files of the certificates of compliance will be issued via e-mail, where the contractor, builder or homeowner can download and print- out for the local building enforcement agency.


Cancellation Policy

Please provide a 24 hour notice of cancellation. A fee of $50 will be charged for any HERS Rating appointments cancelled with-in 24 hours.

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